Bellows sleeves and rolled , braided steel , fittings , end fittings, machines for the production of metal hoses

Design features

Machine structure

  • Independent motors for profiling and coiling mandrel;
  • In mechatronic complex there are :
    • 1 independent drive mechanism for profiling process based on asynchronous motor;
    • 1 independent stepping motor for coiling drive;
    • 3 stepping motors for driving coiling rollers;
    • 3 stepping motors to control press force of coiling rollers.
    Total: 1 asynchronous and 7 independent stepper motors;
  • Adjustment mechanisms of pressure force for coiling rollers and profiling rollers;
  • System of liquid lubricant-coolant feeding for coiling rollers and profiling rollers;
  • No chain drives and no need to couplings' service;
  • The machine stops automatically in case of strip end;
  • Compact and space-saving design of the machine.

Optional equipment

  • Plasma device for automatic hose cutting to length during the coiling process (without stopping the machine);
  • Uncoiling device for metal strip;
  • Take-up unit for DN 5-30 hose coiling;
  • Take-up unit (6m long) for DN 20-360 hose taking;
  • Marking roller to mark the strip during hose making process.

  • Touch screen panel with assistive user interface for hose size selection and settings loading in control system;
  • Continuous adjustment of material feed speed.

  • Replaceable tooling is made from Cr12Mo1V1 steel (DIN 1.2379) and go through heat treatment of 55-60 HRC,with strict adherence of high- quenching and tempering;
  • Profiling and coiling rollers are assembly unit. Roller's profile is formed by built-up plates. Plates are made with precision method of surface and circular grinding. In case of critical wear it's possible to order and replace worn-out plates (no need to replace the entire roller);
  • Guaranteed life of plates under continuous operation:
    • Profiling rollers: 1 year;
    • Coiling rollers: 3-4 months (if making polygonal hose) and 1 year (if making round hose)

Schematic view and dimentions for SRMV machines

Model SRMV.4.50-150.A:

Model depth is 500mm


Model SRMV.5.70-360.A:

Model depth is 550mm