Bellows sleeves and rolled , braided steel , fittings , end fittings, machines for the production of metal hoses

Type designation

The type designation of stripwound (interlock) hoses consists of five parts:

Hose RMV 2G.N.00.ST-110x2000 ,where:

  • RMV 2G — interlock hose type, variants:
    • RMV 1 hose with S-shaped lock, round, high flexibility, high rupture and crush resistance, high gas permeability, DN range: 6-28mm. Primarily used for mission-critical wire system protection;
      RMV 2 hose with S-shaped lock, round, medium flexibility, high rupture and crush resistance, low gas permeability. DN range: 36-150mm. Used to protect all types of lines, as a flexible part of exhaust systems, also to transport granulated materials and gases;
      RMV 2G the same as foregoing, polygonal interlock hose;
      RMV 3 hose with П-shaped lock, round, high flexibility, low rupture and crush resistance, high gas permeability, DN range: 12-100mm. Used to protect cables and wires of low importance.

  • N — material of interlock hose, variants:
    • S strip of low carbon steel 08PS, 08U, 08KP, GOST 503-81, GOST 3560-73;
      N strip of stainless steel 12H18N9, 12H18N10T, GOST 4986-79;
      NO strip of stainless steel 12H18N9, GOST 4986-79, lightweight option;
      L brass strip, GOST 2208-91;
      B bronze strip, GOST 1789-70;
      M copper strip, GOST 1173-93;
      A aluminum strip;
      TS strip of low carbon galvanized steel, GOST 3559-75;
      K strip of low carbon nickel-plated steel;
      U strip of aluminized low carbon steel.

  • 00 — outer protective shell, 2 characters field; variants:
    • 00 none;
      11 single metal braiding, OM1-S;
      19 Single galvanized braiding, OM1-TS;
      12 single stainless braiding, OM1-N;
      21 double metal braiding, OM2-S;
      29 double galvanized braiding OM2-TS;
      22 double stainless braiding, OM2-N;
      31 PVC coating, color gray;
      32 PVC coating, color black;
      51 Single brass braiding, OM1-L;
      52 Double brass braiding, OM2-L.

  • ST — fitting type:
    • 00 none;
      other variants you can find in «Fittings» section.

  • 110x2000 — nominal diameter and length (if fittings are present):
    • all available variants of nominal diameters you can find in «Fittings» section.

  • Examples of RMV hoses designations when ordering:

    • Hose RMV 2G.N.00.00-110
      • - designation example of polygonal interlocked hose, S-shaped lock, DN 110mm, stainless steel 12H18N9 material, with no fittings and outer shell.

    • Hose RMV 2G.N.00.ST-110x2000
      • - the same as foregoing, threaded on the length of 2m and welded on the ends of the spot welding coils.

    • Hose RMV 3.S.32.00-12
      • - designation example of round interlocked hose, П-shaped lock, DN 12mm, PVC-coated of black color and no fittings.