Bellows sleeves and rolled , braided steel , fittings , end fittings, machines for the production of metal hoses

Design and calculations

  • Stainless high pressure hoses RNVD consist of:
    • corrugated hose;
    • outer braid or protective interlock;
    • inner interlock;
    • welded fittings.

    Corrugated hose and outer shell types:

    • For the production of RNVD, used one- and double layer corrugated hoses of standart and enhanced flexibility, covered by single or double braiding. Corrugated hose is made by hydro- or power-forming of single or double layered round billet with a wall thickness from 0,15 to 0,6mm.

    • Double layer corrugated hose has greater operational dependability and working pressure, but less flexibility.

    • Outer protective shell is made from single or double melal braiding OM1 or OM2 and used to prevent longitudinal expansion of RNVD hoses at pressure, to increase in the internal stability of the hose and to protect corrugated hose from different mechanical damages.

    • The range of nominal diameters of corrugated hose is from 6 to 300mm.

    Corrugated hoses' types have the detailed specifications in the relevant section.