Bellows sleeves and rolled , braided steel , fittings , end fittings, machines for the production of metal hoses


Here you can find instructions and recommendations how to choose interlock RMV hoses, how to use and transport them:
  • When mounting and operating RMV hoses you should be sure that hoses have neutral, straight areas near fittings, which do not bend during operation. Neutral area length must be at least 4*DN of hose. It's not allowed to bend the hose at the radius less than specified in table 2 "RMV specifications" section.

  • It's forbidden to operate hoses for twist.

  • Chosing materials for producting interlock hose, outer shell and for fittings, you should take into account permissible operating teperature of chosen materials, their resistance to transported medium and environment according to GOST 9.908-85.

    Permissible operating teperature range is from -270°С to +650°С for stainless steel.
    Permissible operating teperature for carbon steel is up to 450°С.
    Permissible operating temperature of the galvanized steel up to 400°C.
    Permissible operating temperature range for hoses with PVC coating is from -60°C to +80°C.

  • It's not allowed to transport fluids in RMV interlock hoses and to use them as a part of high pressure hoses, due to their leakage.

  • For the same reason it's not allowed to use RMV hoses for the transportation of corrosive gases.

  • RMV hoses can be carried in any way and type of transport with adequate protection against atmospheric precipitations and pollution.