Bellows sleeves and rolled , braided steel , fittings , end fittings, machines for the production of metal hoses

Type designation

The type designation of metal braiding consists of seven parts:

OM1-N-48х12х0.4-75-55 ,где:

  • OM1 — Braiding quantity:
    • OM1 single braiding;
      OM2 double braiding.

  • N — Wire material; variants:
    • S heat-treated wire of low carbon steel 08PS, 08KP;
      N heat-treated stainless wire 12H18N9, 12H18N10T;
      NH cold-drawn stainless wire 12H18N9, 12H18N10T;
      L brass wire;
      B bronze wire;
      M copper wire;
      A aluminum wire;
      TS low carbon galvanized steel wire;
      K nickel-plated low carbon steel wire;
      U aluminized low carbon steel wire.

  • 48 — number of wire coils (braidings), Ns, pcs
    • Producting technology allows the following variants:
      24, 36, 48, 64 or 96 braidings.

  • 12 — number of wires in a coil, Nw, pcs
    • Producting technology allows variants from 1 to 18pcs.

  • 0.4 — wire diameter, mm;
    • Producting technology allows wire diameter variants 0,2—0,65mm.

  • 75 — braiding nominal diameter, dm, mm
    • Here we mean the product outer diameter d2.

  • 55 — braiding angle, alfa, °.
    • Possible metal braiding angle used for RNVD and RMV hoses production is in the range of values from 38° to 55°. The braiding angle of 55° is the most effective.

Examples of designations when ordering:
  • Braiding OM1-N-48x12x0.4-75-50
    • - designation example of single braiding consists 48 wire coils, 12 wires in a coil, wire diameter 0,4mm, product diameter 75mm, braiding angle 50°.

  • Braiding OM2-L-48x12x0.4-90-50
    • - example of designation for double brass braiding, product diameter 90mm.